Viewing an App on Fly

Now the application has been deployed, let's find out more about its deployment. The command flyctl info will give you all the essential details.

flyctl info
  Name     = hellofly
  Owner    = demo
  Version  = 0
  Status   = running
  Hostname =

  app    tcp        80 => 8080 [HTTP]
                    443 => 8080 [TLS, HTTP]

IP Addresses
  TYPE   ADDRESS                                CREATED AT
  v4                          5m6s ago
  v6     2a09:8280:1:cbda:7e16:7be4:7de4:2a18   5m6s ago

Ask you can see, the application has been deployed on IPv4 and IPv6 and with a DNS hostname of Your deployment's name will, of course be different. Make a note of it and move on to the next section where we will connect to the deployed application.